About Us

With the formidable of numerous years experience, Nicepack Industries Sdn. Bhd. has introduced itself as a one-stop solution for simplifying the task of printing and packaging by manufacturing corrugated carton and duplex box. The company is equipped with some of the well known machinery and skilled professional.

We are manufacturer, exporter and supplier of printing packaging solutions which includes Corrugated Carton and Duplex Box, Label, Stretch Film, PP Corrugated Plastic Box, Plastic Pallet, Paper Pallet, Woven Bag, BOPP Tape and Kraft Paper Tape, Air Bubble Bag and PU/PE Foam.

The success and growth of the Company has been made possible by setting the following basic fundamental guidelines:-

  • To maintain customer satisfaction
  • To maintain product quality and reliablility
  • To maximize productivity by economies of scale.
  • To maintain price competitiveness
  • To constantly up-grade its product technology