Packaging Material

Corrugated Carton Boxes

We do offer cost-effective corrugated carton boxes that provide flexible packaging option for a wide range of products, these boxes are prevents any damage to goods or articles and also tailored made corrugated boxes depending upon the requirement of shape, size and thickness, we even undertake custom printing of boxes as per customer's colour and design specifications.

Further, all our products are made of environment friendly recyclable materials, which include the following:

  • Kraft paper
  • Coated paper
  • Art paper
  • Test paper

Duplex Box

We specialize in producing of high end duplex boxes, the duplex box packaging is used by different type of industry, such as gloves, automotive, toys, cosmetic, food and other industry, the boxes can be tailored made to suit the customer on their designs, needs and requirements of the products


The Label division design and manufacturer of high end image sticker, including Multicolor roll labels, Silicone & amide free labels, Barcode Labels, Hot stamping Labels and UL & CSA Recognized labels.

Stretch Film

  1. The PE stretch film are available for virtually machine or hand application, it is also keeps your products clean, dry, operations easier, quicker and less costly.
  2. The PVC Food Wrap is suitable for hypermarkets, supermarkets, hotels, restaurants, packers of fresh produce, bakery shops, fast food chains and etc.

PP Corrugated Plastic Box

The PP Corrugated Plastic bin are suitable to apply for RSC, tray and partition, because corrugated plastic does not absorb water or oil and is dust free and plastic items can last for many years in most application.

Plastic Pallet

A plastic pallet offer a number of distinct safety, ease of handling, durability and sanitation advantages over wood pallets, our pallets are available in a variety of sizes, as well as a variety of colours, we do help our customer to design a custom plastic pallet to your size, load strength and other specification.

Paper Pallet

Paper pallets are shipping pallets made from paper. We have corrugated paper pallets, paper shipping pallets of various designs and size. Although most pallets are made from wood, new construction methods have improved the capabilities of paper shipping pallets.

Industrial Container

The industrial container is suitable for transportation and storage of a wide range of products such as tools, spare parts, industrial products etc.

BOPP & Kraft Paper Tape

OPP tapes are produced with high-qualified BOPP film. This grade is suitable for general packing, good adhesion and more holding power which use to light / heavy weight box sealing. All products can be supplied in various sized and colors.

The kraft paper tape is allowed to be used in a wide range of application, such as light and weight packaging and automatic packing line.

Air Bubble

The Air Bubble is suitable for packing and cushioning material for light electrical applicants and precision machine parts, the surface also protective material for stainless steel product, plated product and aluminum construction material.

PU/PE Foam

The PU/PE foam are not only protected from damage by water, chemicals, fungus and static, the properties of PU/PE foam also can absorb large amount of shock, when handling and shipping articles.